Peduli Pangan: 5 Main Highlights from the 3rd Care Kitchen

As we are entering the ‘new normal’, it is important that we don’t forget that the war against COVID-19 & the issues created by this global pandemic is not ever yet. And we still need to keep on fighting, helping our community while taking proper precautions.

Dealing with Food Shortage with Peduli Pangan: Week 8 Update

If you are not aware about the Peduli Pangan movement, find out more information about it here.

New Learnings

1. Focus on the Nutritional Needs of Impoverished People

2. Partnering With Ibu-Ibu Kader & Pasukan Oranye

3. Moving Towards Stronger Health Protocols

4. Lessening plastic use

5. Appreciating Volunteers

With Peduli Pangan we are trying to come up with a systemic solution to the problem of food shortage/insecurity and not just treat the symptoms. It’s a program, which is trying to solve the problem of supply-chain breakage of food in Indonesia caused by the pandemic. In addition, Peduli Pangan is also trying to make sure that people who have lost their sources of income due to the pandemic can get sustencance. If you would like to read more about the program, click here.

Peduli Pangan Output

What’s Next For Peduli Pangan?

There are many ways in which you can support the Peduli Pangan movement as an organization or an individual. If you are interested in supporting the movement, feel free to contact us at

Membantu organisasi & donatur untuk memberikan dampak berkelanjutan menggunakan 3 pilar: pendanaan berbasis outcome, layanan konsultasi & teknologi.